Palliative Care Video Stories

Palliative Care is an important patient-centered care. Videos of personal experiences with palliative care speak for themselves.

Please check back. We add new videos as they are created or suggested by our network.

A Caregiverʻs Journey with Palliative Care in 3 minutes

A moving caregiver’s testimony about her and her husband’s cancer journey and palliative care. Living on Maui, Andrea talks story about how they accessed palliative care in Honolulu and at home  (This shortened version is thanks to the editing suggestions of our Kōkua Mau volunteer extraordinaire Rachel.)

A Caregiverʻs Journey with Palliative Care – Unedited version

A moving caregiver’s testimony about her and her husband’s cancer journey with palliative care. Living on Maui, she talks story how they benefited from the palliative care team in Honolulu and at home. (Tissues handy might be advisable)

A patient’s story using palliative care in Hawaii

A testimonial in her own words about what palliative care offered her in her breast cancer treatment in Hawai‘i.

Ted’s Palliative Care Experience

Ted talks about how his home-based palliative care team not only helped him manage the side effects from his cancer treatment, but made it possible for him to take a longed-for fishing trip in between treatments.

Aspen’s Palliative Care Experience

Aspen, a young mother of three, talks about how home-based palliative care helped her live the best life she could imagine by caring not only for her body but her emotions and those of her family. She has gone from having a very large and advanced tumor to being cancer-free.

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