Grief and Bereavement

The Bereavement Network of Hawai‘i offers many resources available for support and information about grief and bereavement.

For a list of support groups, agencies, individuals, and hospices, please view the following 16 page document for Hawaii compiled by the Bereavement Network of Hawaii.

Grief and Bereavement During the Final Stages of Illness

Grief and Bereavement During the Final Stages of Illness is available as an online pamphlet. Produced by Florence Long with funding from the Kitagawa Family, this information is designed specifically for terminally ill individuals and their loved ones to prepare for the eventuality of death.

In addition, the pamphlet will help in organizing personal affairs and learning about the process of grieving and dying to help ease any fears and enhance the ability to cope.

  • Please see the calendar for workshops or current events
  • Please check our webpage Palliative Care Resources for Hawai‘i compiled by Kōkua Mau for additional resources the might be helpful
  • The set of five booklets was developed by the Center on Aging at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. Booklet Nr. 5 might be of help as well: Help For The Bereaved – The Healing Journey – Learn about the common expressions of grief, the healing process, and when to get help.