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 Why should you join Kōkua Mau?

Kōkua Mau strives to improve the quality of life for people of Hawai‘i by promoting excellence and innovation in hospice, end of life, palliative care, and early advance care planning through an active and supportive membership. Click here to see our current membership list.

Our collaborative-driven membership includes hospice care providers, innovative hospitals, palliative care experts, educational institutions and passionate community champions. Kōkua Mau creates a unity of practice and service where clinical providers, advocates, and collaborating organizations come together to exchange knowledge and resources and to guide the future of end-of-life care and support in the state. Please contact us for more information.  We appreciate your sharing your passion for this work!

Benefits of Membership (CARE):

Community and Organizational Capacity Building – Kōkua Mau’s improves the use and quality of hospice and palliative care in Hawai‘i through educational and training services offered to the community and the healthcare service industry, who are the providers and users of hospice and palliative care services. This approach supports members through education and organizational capacity building efforts as well as increased awareness of member services to the community.

Advocacy and Voice – Kōkua Mau is recognized as the leader and consolidated voice for the end of life care and resources in Hawai‘i and the nation. Through Kōkua Mau, members have a vehicle where they take an active role in shaping and supporting hospice and palliative care in the state and ensure the future of the industry and their own organizations.

Resource and Knowledge Transfer – Kōkua Mau is the only organization in Hawai‘i that supports and assists hospice and palliative care providers and their supporters in one organization. Membership includes expert and experienced leaders, clinicians, educators and advocates. Through collective sharing of knowledge and networking opportunities, Kōkua Mau members promote and improve not only their own organizational capabilities, but also build public awareness of hospice and palliative care.

Education – Kōkua Mau has and will continue to provide unique and beneficial opportunities for members to improve their skills and knowledge in relation to palliative and end-of-life care through workshops, special speaker events, trainings and summits.

Membership includes organizational and individual opportunities.

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