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Welcome to all of Kōkua Mau’s multilingual resource materials in one place.

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Kōkua Mau Multilingual Key Advance Care Planning Materials

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The multilingual resources are intended as tools to help members of our community with limited English proficiency. As is common with such complicated issues, these documents do not replace a one-on-one conversation, sometimes with the help of an interpreter, to walk people through the decisions they have to make for themselves or their loved ones.

Advance Directive

POLST for Hawai‘i

In-depth Resources

Multilingual Key Advance Care Planning Materials in 10 languages (PDF file with list)

We thank the collaborative effort of our sponsors that made this translation project possible.


Executive Office on Aging (EOA)

Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC)

Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) 

Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii 

Ohana Health Plan

University Health Alliance (UHA)

United Healthcare