Palliative Care Summit 2020

Hawaii State Palliative Care Summit April 25, 2020

Our very successful Palliative Care Summit brought key stakeholders together for an overview of the current state of palliative care in Hawai‘i, with focus on:

  • What is working?
  • What are barriers?
  • What are the opportunities for expanding access?

The Palliative Care Summit on April 25, 2020 in Honolulu was the first of its kind in Hawai‘i.

The entire Summit is available as a recording on our YouTube channel.

A final report on the Summit can be downloaded here.  This includes the results of the focus groups, surveys, input from the conference and next steps. 

Our 121 participants represented a diverse array of stakeholders including health plans, health systems, hospices, higher education, state and county government, and non-profits (including AARP and American Cancer Society). Participants came from all 4 counties and included doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, community advocates and administrators.

Palliative Care Summit 2020 Agenda

The entire recorded summit is on our YouTube Channel. To watch a specific presentation please click on ‘Watch on YouTube‘ in the Agenda to jump to it directly. (You may need to click ‘play’ once you are on YouTube.)

Agenda (April 25, 2020):

Welcome and Overview of Palliative Care in Hawai‘i
Dr. Rae Seitz • Watch on YouTubeDownload PDF file

Supportive Care: Best Care for Seriously Ill Persons

Definition, Minimum Standards & National Data
• Review of CAPC Definition
• Core Elements of Palliative Care
• National Data on Palliative Care
Dr. Daniel Fischberg Watch on YouTubeDownload PDF file

Data on HMSA’s Supportive Care Benefit
Dr. Rae SeitzWatch on YouTubeDownload PDF file

Johanna Kaupu – Patient Story on Supportive Care
Presented by Hope Young

VA Concurrent Care – The new in-home palliative care program for VA beneficiaries in Hawaii
Dr. Liane TokushigeWatch on YouTubeDownload PDF file

Bristol Ohana Pilot – Results of an in-home palliative care program
Dr. Ritabelle FernandesWatch on YouTubeDownload PDF file

Kupu Care, Hawaii Care Choices – Overview of an innovative palliative care program in Hilo
Brenda HoWatch on YouTubeDownload PDF file

Dr. Cecilio Salvador – Physician Experience as a Patient on Supportive Care
Presented by Dr. Rae SeitzWatch on YouTube

Stakeholder & Community Data
Summary slides:
● Focus Groups – MedQuest, Chaplains, Hospices, Physicians
● Case Managers – survey
● Providers – survey
Jeannette KoijaneWatch on YouTube Download PDF file

Review Definition & Core Elements
3 Polls (3) to be administered
• 1 = Definition of Palliative Care
• 2 = Standards
• 3 = Select priorities
Summary of comments in the chat feature collected during the conference.
Dr. Daniel FischbergWatch on YouTube Download PDF file

Summary of comments in the chat feature collected during the conference.
Dr. Lee Buenconsejo-LumWatch on YouTubeDownload PDF file

Looking ahead and survey 1:41:21

Learn more, have a look at our presenter’s Bios

The Summit was sponsored by the Department of Health, State of Hawai‘i, the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), University of Hawai‘i, and Kōkua Mau, a statewide network to improve care for those with serious illness.


Mapping Palliative Care in Hawai‘i – Read the report from July 2020