We list upcoming webinars here. Selected recorded webinars are listed when available.

Please note: this was a separate page when our main COVID-19 page was still regularly updated. Since 2023 current workshops and webinars are featured and published in our Kōkua Mau newsletter.

Upcoming Webinars:

Photo of the sky during sunrise in Hawaii

Selected Recorded Webinars – most recent first

7/13 Prognostication

Our own Dr. Daniel Fischberg will do a talk on Prognostication for the Geriatric ECHO series. Click on ECHO Rec to watch the presentation.

6/28 Thought Field Therapy for Chronic Pain

Behavioral Health TeleECHO Clinic Presented by: Caroline Sakai, PhD. Connecting to ECHO Hawaii Behavioral Health Webinar. Please sign in with your first and last name to receive CME credits.

PS: You may also watch Dr. Sakai’s Kōkua Mau meeting recorded video: Help with stress and and anxiety in COVID-19 times – Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

6/12 Palliative Care – Extra Support for people with Cancer

Recording available. This special presentation is for the Cancer Coalition to support individuals living with cancer, their families and their caregivers, as well as healthcare providers who want to learn more about how Palliative Care can support individuals with serious illness. Presenters:

  • Dr. Daniel Fischberg, Medical Director, Pain & Palliative Care Department, The Queen’s Medical Center
  • Sara-May Colón, Chaplain at Adventist Health.
  • Hear a conversation with Andrea Bacos about her “Caregiver’s Journey” with Palliative Care.
  • Jeannette Koijane, Executive Director, , Kōkua Mau: Where to find Palliative Care in Hawaii

April/May 2022 Learning from Dr. Mitsuo Aoki: Understanding and working with persons with terminal illness

This 8 weeks training you learned directly from Dr. Mitsuo Aoki through video recorded classes. He was a UH religion professor and pioneer in Hawaii teaching about death and dying to thousands and he counseled hundreds of individuals with terminal illness and their families from the early 1960s until 2008. He was considered to be the foremost expert regarding death and dying in Hawai‘i during his lifetime.

Classes taught sequentially, and it was acceptable to attend fewer classes if that is what a participant needs. All classes were free. Please see www.MitsAokiLegacyFoundation.org for more information.

4/27/22 Emerging Policy Opportunities for Community-Based Serious Illness Care – Recording

Join C-TAC and Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School event explored the opportunities for states to bring a broad range of palliative care services for those with a serious illness, particularly through changes to their Medicaid programs. Presentation includes Dr. Rae Seitz and updates from Hawaii. Watch the recording

Thur 3/31/22 Kōkua Mau Meeting

What veteran home care options are available in the community? How can we partner with providers to help navigate veteran benefits & services for the seriously ill?” Kōkua Mau’s own Dr. Emese Somogyi, Physician with the VA presented about their programs. Dr. Melton, Amanda Wong (APRN) and Dr. Nakamoto graciously agreed to participate to address other support services (e.g. HBPC, H:HHA, etc) that may be provided by the VA. This was a presentation of the We Honor Veterans program in collaboration with Bristol Hospice and will include a brief presentation by Erin Hamilton.

If you missed last month’s presentation Veterans Benefits and Entitlements with Col. Ron Han, Director of State Office of Veterans Services, you can view it on our YouTube Channel.

Thur 3/24 Virtual Benefits Workshop for Veterans, Family Members, Surviving Spouses, and Community Providers

Thur 2/24/22 Kōkua Mau Meeting – Veterans benefits and entitlements

Col. Ron Han, Director of State Office of Veterans Services, provided an overview of their mission in OVS and provide information how Veterans can get connected with benefits and entitlements. This is a joint effort with Bristol and the We Honor Veterans program. There will be a time for questions and updates on other happenings in the state. You can view it on our YouTube Channel.

Feb 2022: Community-Based Palliative Care: Lessons on Standardization and Scaling 3 Webinars in 2022

The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) offered a complimentary 3-part webinar series Community-Based Palliative Care: Lessons on Standardization and Scaling – with evaluation findings. Available as a recording on their website.

1/27/22 Kōkua Mau Meeting

Our first Instagram Campaign promoting Palliative Care in Hawai‘i from the fall of 2021. Our campaign was researched, implemented and evaluated by three amazing University of Hawai‘i West O‘ahu students, who presented their work. More. We believe this is the first Instagram campaign of its kind in the country as it was geared at the public and not at professionals. Watch their presentation on our YouTube Channel.

1/12 World AIDS Day Hawaii 2021

The recording of the beautiful December 1, 2021 World AIDS Day Hawai‘i event, with hula and mele, is now available on YouTube and on worldaidsdayhawaii. The 18th Annual Suzanne Richmond-Crum Award this year went to: Hawai’i Center for AIDS Nurses, honoring those who support and care for people living with HIV and AIDS in Hawaii, now and in the past.

10/12/21 Webinar EHRs: How to Advocate for POLST Inclusion in Patient Workflows

Register for the next webinar (5 out of 5 in the POLST Technology series)! Focused on Electronic Health Records (EHRs), you will learn how to advocate for POLST inclusion in patient workflows within EHRs. Register online with Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care, sponsor for this webinar series. Watch recordings on their webinars page: POLST Registries (4 out of 5 in the POLST Technology series).

10/14/21 The End In Mind: psychedelic medicines and ending well

There is, says ENDWELL, “compelling evidence that psychedelic substances, when given in a controlled and carefully monitored environment, can reduce existential fear and suffering for people facing life-limiting illness.” Recording available for registered participants. Speakers includeed physician Ira Byock and academic researchers, policymakers, patients, entrepreneurs, funders, clinicians and more.

In our August 2021 meeting we welcomed Jennifer Moore Ballentine in person. We heard Jennifer present recently at a national conference and we are honored and pleased that she has agreed to present to Kōkua Mau. Recording on our YouTube Channel.

Thur 8/26 Cancer and Cannabis in 2021 

Many of you know Wendy form her presentations at Kōkua Mau meetings in years past. Wendy is an RN with over 35 years of experience, working in healthcare, (28 of those in Hawai‘i). She has an AS degree in Physical Therapy (as an Assistant) and received her BSN degree from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa in 2006. Wendy is dedicated to promoting excellence in cannabis nursing and is an active member of both the Cannabis Nurses Network (Policy Committee) and ACNA (Education Committee). She is also a member of the Hawaii Association of Professional Nurses and serves on the Professional Advisory Board of the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii.

Wed. 8/18: We Honor Veterans

21 Gun Salute: The military culture and traditions surrounding death. A recording is now available on YouTube

Kōkua Mau’s own Dr. Pat Nishimoto will discussed Military Culture on zoom at the Bristol Hospice Hawaii Conference room in the context of caring for veterans. Dr. Nishimoto has decades of experience as an oncology nurse specialist with Tripler Army Medical Center and is a nationally known teacher. Email Dr. Joseph Eppink for more information.

8/5 EWC Insights: Living in the Shadow of Delta

This was an excellent presentation on Aug. 5, 2021 with lots of information. EWC Insights: Living in the Shadow of Delta, featuring Dr. Tim Brown. A recording of the webinar is now available on the East West Center’s YouTube channel. Click here to watch the replay.

7/30 The Benefits of Hospice and Palliative Care for Persons with Advanced Dementia

Recording available. With Dr. Emma Grote Medical Director, Navian Hawaii

7/29 Focusing on Transformation: the 2021 Virtual Conference from NHPCO, AAHPM and HPNA

We watched the streamed conference together. The conference organizers, NHPCO, AAHPM and HPNA, recognized the profound and historic impact of the global health pandemic. That is why the 2021 Virtual Conference focused on transformation.

Visit NHPCO’s dedicated webpages for speakers and the agenda.

6/26 Hawaii MedQuest Palliative Care Summit

We solicited feedback on a future, first-of-its kind, palliative care benefit for MedQUEST members at our historic Virtual Palliative Care Summit. Recording available. This Summit was presented by MedQuest and Hui Pohala, a growing coalition, collaborating to improve access to high quality palliative care in Hawai‘i.

A MedQUEST palliative care benefit could significantly improve how we in Hawai’i care for some of our most complex and seriously ill family, friends, and neighbors. MedQUEST is soliciting community input about their analysis and benefit design concepts.  Your opinions and feedback can influence how this benefit is designed and implemented and we hope you will participate. 

Palliative care, when done well, is of high value to people with serious illness, their loved ones, and the professionals who treat them.  Importantly, in addition to the improvement in quality of care, health outcomes, and overall satisfaction with care, palliative care is cost effective, rendering it a comprehensive win for any community.  

June 22 & 23, 2021 our Virtual Summit – Working Together: Forging the Future of Serious Illness Care

Kōkua Mau is collaborated with our partners in California and Arizona on a virtual summit for those who are working to improve care for those with serious illness. Registered participants can access the recording

Our partner the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) maintained the website for the Annual Summit. This was a great chance for us to learn about what is happening in others states, share about what is happening in Hawaii and grow our movement together. 

6/10 Living with grief since COVID-19

Hospice Maui is are offering on living with grief since covid-19. This is an excellent opportunity for 2 free hours of CE credit by HFA for clinicians, nurses, social workers, counselors, clergy and others.

The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to an unprecedented level of loss since March 2020. Non-death losses as well as deaths both due to and unrelated to COVID-19 have shattered the assumptive world, the view that the world is reasonably safe, benevolent, and predictable, and have created a sense of collective trauma and grief.

Through an expert panel discussion and live and recorded interviews, Living with Grief Since COVID-19, will help professionals effectively respond to the onslaught of pandemic-related grief and bereavement needs in their communities and equip them with tools to support counseling, treatment, stabilization, and posttraumatic growth.

5/27 Update on POLST nationally, new documents and the national POLST Form

In our May meeting we welcomed Amy Vandenbroucke, Executive Director for National POLST, with her presentation about what is happening with POLST nationally, including new guidance documents and the new National POLST form. Watch the recording on our YouTube Channel.

5/12 C-TAC Policy Forum 2021

The C-TAC Policy Forum offer changemakers an insider-view of federal serious illness care policies that they can leverage to drive change in their communities. This free, virtual event equips participants with the policy intel they need to advocate for people with serious illness and their families. Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Policy Forum:

  1. Hear insider analysis from the frontlines
  2. Join the conversations shaping serious illness care policy
  3. Learn how advocacy can help you serve your community
  4. Engage with fellow leaders and changemakers
  5. Commit to action

5/12 Models of Serious Illness Care

Geriatric ECHO Webinar series with Rae Seitz, MD

  1. Review definition of serious illness and palliative care
  2. Describe 3 models of care for management of serious illness
  3. List 2 important differences between palliative care and hospice care
  4. ECHO Recordings

4/29 & 30 The Grief Summit

Grief Counseling and Treatment in a Pandemic of Loss. The pandemic of grief will continue long after the virus is contained. Free online live event. You could earn up to 12 CE hours completely FREE. Learn more on their website.

4/29 Kōkua Mau Virtual Monthly Meeting: An Update on Hawaii’s Our Care Our Choice Act

Our April 2021 Kokua Mau meeting features an update on the Our Care Our Choice Act in Hawaii after the first 2 years by five presenters. Presenters: Laura Arcibal, HI Dept of Health, Jodi Shaw, Kaiser Permanente, Michelle Cantillo, Hawaii Pacific Health, Erin Hamilton, Bristol Hospice, Caryn Ireland, Consultant with Compassion & Choices. Time code for each presenter at ‘show more’ in our YouTube channel.

Tue 4/13 POLST and Technology Webinar Series

POLST Technology is changing rapidly across the US, and there are challenges and opportunities everywhere for providers who care about proper POLST usage. POLST Tech Webinar: an Overview of National POLST’s Technology Guide Project. Recording available

Join the National POLST Organization for a 5-part webinar to understand POLST, the National POLST Organization Technology Guide Project and the outcomes it hopes to achieve. These courses are eligible for one hour of CE for RNs, LPNs, LVNs, and Social Workers. Register here https://community.seasons.org/register/polst-technology-series

3/25 Innovations in Palliative Care

In March we will hear from our colleagues in Hilo about the innovative programs Hawaii Care Choices offers for those with serious illness. They have developed unique palliative care programs to provide support and reduce suffering for people. They continue to provide excellent hospice care for those at the very end of like and have a well developed bereavement program. Wacht the recording on our YouTube Channel

3/9 Global Health in Hawai’i and the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands

Hosted by the University of Hawai’i (UH) this three-hour satellite session will be one of the nearly 30 pre-conference sessions before the Consortium of Universities on Global Health (CUGH) 2021 Annual Global Health Conference. These session should be available recorded on day soon.

As part of the UHealthy Hawai’i initiative, it highlights our region for the first time at this international conference with a session that will feature many of UH’s leaders on global health issues.

3/9 Pain Management and the Opioid Crisis

In the UCLA School of Nursing Margo McCaffery Lecture in Pain and Palliative Care series. Keynote Presenter: Ardith Z. Doorenbos, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Department of Biobehavioral Nursing Science, College of Nursing, University of Illinois, Chicago; Director of Palliative Care at the University of Illinois Cancer Center; Director of the Palliative Care Training Center.

2/17 Care Shortly Before Death

The University of Hawai‘i Pacific Cancer Project ECHO and Telehealth Session. Check their website for all recordings

Wed 2/10, 2021 Geriatric ECHO Webinar 

How to Advance Care Planning During COVID by Takeshi Uemura MD

Geriatric ECHO Webinar are on the second Wednesday of the month from 12:00 – 1:00 pm. To register for this and future ECHO events.

Tue 2/9 Implementing the COVID-19 Toolkit and Best Practices for Serious Illness Conversations using Telehealth

The next webinar from the Serious Illness Care Community welcomes Drs. Erik Fromme and Suzanne Mitchell, Ariadne Labs Faculty, and Nancy Joyner, NP and Danielle Miltz, PA, Community of Practice Ambassadors.

Dr. Fromme will give a short overview of the Serious Illness Care Program’s COVID-19 Toolkit and Dr. Mitchell will describe how Boston Medical Center has implemented elements of the COVID-19 Toolkit as part of their Pandemic response. Next, Dr. Fromme, Ms. Joyner, and Ms. Miltz will discuss best practices and cases for serious illness conversations during telehealth encounters using both phone and video platforms.

The Serious Illness Care Program’s COVID-19 Toolkit was developed in Spring 2020, during the first peak of the pandemic in the United States. It includes four conversation guides adapted to the context of COVID-19 for use in inpatient, outpatient, long-term care and crisis standards settings. There are video demonstrations of clinicians using the guides, as well as tools to support implementation and patient-facing resources.

2/8 Grand Rounds (JABSOM)

The Department of Geriatric Medicine at JABSOM invites you to virtual Grand Rounds every second Monday of each month.

Leading a Family Meeting” by Shunichi Nakagawa, MD. Watch the recording or sign up for this and future Grand Rounds

2/7 Having the Conversation— What Are Their Wishes? What Are Yours

Like a Sukkah sheltering the People of Israel in uncertain times, the Chevra Kadisha enfolds our island Jewish community. Come explore and learn with us how the Chevra Kadisha supports the Jewish community, including rituals that guide us through the most challenging times, offering a pathway for embracing life fully, a companion through the process of integrating life’s inevitable losses, and doing it as one community together.

Facilitators: Hope Young, Advance Care Planning Coordinator for Kōkua Mau, Sheri Richard, and Rabbi Rob Kvidt

2/3 Webinar: Working Together to Empower and Protect Persons Living with Dementia

Adult Abuse: Risks for Persons Living with Dementia

Catholic Charities Hawaii Circle of Care for Dementia is pleased to announce a new Zoom workshop series: Working Together to Empower and Protect Persons Living with Dementia

COVID-19 and Abuse; Types of Abuse (financial abuse and exploitation, emotional/psychological, neglect/self-neglect, sexual, warning signs); Adult Protective Services; Elder Justice Act; Resources and Training; Hawaii laws, statutes and definitions.

National legal expert, David Godfrey, J.D., a Senior Attorney with the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging, Washington D.C., will be presenting a 2-part webinar series for Hawaii to address important legal and ethical issues of concern for persons living with dementia. This will be beneficial for anyone providing social, legal or healthcare services for older people, or anyone concerned about planning or caring for someone at risk for or with cognitive impairment. (Please see flyer for more details)

Wed Jan 20 PART 1: Using Decision Supports to Engage and Empower Persons Living with Dementia. Overview of Dementia and its Causes; the Importance of an Early and Accurate Diagnosis; Protecting the Rights of a Person with Dementia; Supported Decision-Making; Balancing Empowerment and the Progressive Nature of Dementia

1/20 UH Vaccine Info Forum @ 3 pm

In case you missed the live program, watch the edited version of the forum on vaccine science, safety and efficacy: https://youtu.be/MNOg_Db2bUY. State officials and specialists from the UH medical school provided up-to-date information on vaccine prioritization, logistics, efficacy, and safety.
Physician panelists included Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, JABSOM Associate Dean; Sandra Chang, JABSOM faculty and expert in vaccine development, and Lieutenant Governor Josh Green.

On the Better Tomorrow Series channel you can also find a recent interview with Eric Topol, one of the most cited medical researchers in the United States, as well as John Barry, author of the bestselling book, The Great Influenza.
Sponsors of this conversation include: Better Tomorrow Speaker Series (not updated in a long time), College of Social Sciences, UH Mānoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Hawai‘i Community Foundation, John A. Burns School of Medicine, Kamehameha Schools, Office of the Provost, Office of Public Health Studies, William S. Richardson School of Law. For more information, contact btss@hawaii.edu.

1/14 2021 Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy (Virtual) Conference

Like many things in Hawaii, health care is different from the mainland. The 2021 Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy Conference fostered a dialog about the opportunities and challenges facing health care in one of the nation’s most unique regions at a time of increasing change. This conference brought together industry experts and policymakers from across the state.

State of Reform pulls together practitioners, thought leaders, and policymakers – each working to improve our health care system in their own way – into a unified conversation in a single place. It was one of the most diverse gatherings of senior health care leaders in Hawaii, and one of the most important statewide events in Hawaii health care of 2021.

1/8 Webinar: Medicare Advantage & Advance Care Planning: Engaging Providers, Members, and Plan Leaders for Success and Impact

In this 75-minute webinar, leaders from CMMI and two innovative VBID-participating integrated delivery systems will discuss the value of high-quality ACP/WHP and highlight strategies that have successfully engaged members and networked clinicians. The webinar will focus on actionable steps plans can take to accelerate progress on their own ACP programs. Registration details

1/6/2021 Vivek Murthy, co-chair of President-Elect Biden’s Covid task force and former and (hopefully) future Surgeon General of the United States.

Together in CrisisHow human connection can help us navigate the pandemic and improve a sometimes lonely world.

Better Tomorrow UH Speaker Series. Read more about the speaker and and the (virtual) Hawaii event here

Webinars from 2020

1/12/2020 World AIDS Day

The recorded World AIDS Day event on December 1st, organized by the Hawaii World AIDS Day Planning Committee and hosted by Church of the Crossroad is available their website.

The National AIDS Memorial in San Francisco presented an excellent 3-hour-plus ‘National Conversation’ featuring scientists, activists, and political leaders. The recording is available at www.aidsmemorial.org/wad2020. The conversation with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Ho begins at about the 2 hr 40 min mark. For those of us who went through the HIV/AIDS pandemic of the eighties, it draws chilling and fascinating parallels to the current COVID-19 pandemic that are very well worth watching.

11/10/2020 Advance Care Planning and Dementia

A special new session had been added to zoom workshops series for caregivers of persons living with memory loss. Presenters: Hope Young, Kōkua Mau; and, Dorothy Colby, Hale Kuike. Recordings of all Webinar,

11/9/2020 Delivering Bad News with Shunichi Nakagawa, MD

  • Define what bad news is
  • Explain SPIKES protocol for breaking bad news
  • Explain the importance of addressing emotions in breaking bad news

Intended Audiences: Physicians, nurses, and other allied health staff who provide care for geriatric patients. To sign up for this and future Grand Rounds, registration is required. For recording see their website.

Thur 11/5/202 Session 5: Providing Care In the Final Stages of Dementia

SESSION 5: End of Life Care & Letting Go: Providing Care In the Final Stages of Dementia

Advance Care Planning: Challenges and Opportunities: Second Webinar

The NASEM Health and Medicine webinar on Advance Care Planning: Challenges and Opportunities: Second Webinar. Meeting materials and a recording of the webinar

10/21/2020 Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders Caring for Kupuna in the COVID-19 Challenge

COVID-19 Webinars offered by JABSOM Geriatric Medicin, Kuni Kekoaoha, Poki‘i Balaz, J. Kaholokula

The series COVID-19 Webinars offered by JABSOM Geriatric Medicine (2:00 – 3:00pm) is organized by Dr. Aida Wen and the Geriatrics Department at JABSOM and CEUs are available. More information (click on ‘Upcoming sessions‘ for details) and registration page

10/15/2020 Delivering Bad News with Dr. Rae Seitz

The University of Hawaii Pacific Cancer Project ECHO Session: Delivering Bad News by Dr. Rae Seitz. Kōkua Mau’s own Dr. Rae Seitz specializes in palliative care and hospice medicine. She was instrumental in designing, developing, implementing, and growing home-based palliative care programs in Hawaii and was a founding board member of Kōkua Mau, A Movement to Improve Care. Dr. Seitz has a special interest in the care of seriously, chronically, and terminally ill patients.

10/14/2020 POLST Registry: Project Status, Update, and Future

Learn about California’s efforts to chart a path for greater access to electronic exchange of POLST.

Join them for this free webinar as they take a look at the most recent POLST registry efforts led by the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC), with funding provided by California Health Care Foundation (CHCF).

CAPC Resilience Sessions

Health care workers in all disciplines are facing unprecedented challenges as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist, the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) has open tools and technical assistance with practical strategies for resiliency during COVID-19. Register now for upcoming and on-demand webinars.

10/12/2020 Practical Approaches to Providing Emotional PPE: Ideas from a Chief Wellness Officer.

  • On-Demand Webinar –  Staying Resilient as the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues (free streaming online)
  • Master Class Series: To learn more about resiliency, visit CAPC’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Resources Hub. All resources in this mobile-friendly hub are free and open-to-all during the pandemic.

10/8/2020 Effective Communication with Staff & Families

The Healthcare Association of Hawaii has partnered with JABSOM’s Department of Geriatric Medicine and Mountain Pacific Quality Health to offer a webinar series for employees of long-term and post-acute care.

It is called The ECHO Learning Action Network (LAN) for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care. ECHO recordings.

9/24 – Help with stress and and anxiety in COVID-19 times – Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Our virtual Kōkua Mau Meeting, with hands-on (zoom) presentation about TFT or Thought Field Therapy featured Dr. Caroline Sakai. Watch the recording. Are you looking for innovative ways to address and deal with stress and anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic? More.

Thur 9/24 How to Communicate to Improve Advance Care Planning: Putting Research Into Practice – Webinar

Compassionate care starts with a conversation. With support from the Person-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) as part of their Eugene Washington Engagement Award for Capacity Building grant, C-TAC is convening this Virtual Forum in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic to highlight the findings of three pioneering research studies on communication, advance care planning, and decision-making. These three studies are led by distinguished PCORI-funded academic investigators.

This Forum puts person-centered, actionable PCORI studies in the hands of implementers – health system leaders, individual providers, payers, community and state coalitions, and advocacy groups – who can use the research findings to improve the delivery of care for patients living with advanced illness. More

9/14 Provider becomes Patient becomes Provider

Presenter: Lucio Pascua, MD, Pediatric Specialist, Wahiawa Health Center. For a recording go to: https://geriatrics.jabsom.hawaii.edu/grand-rounds/

8/27 Funerals & Memorials are very different these days. What are new ways to grieve, mourn, comfort and honor?

How are we supporting people in our community whose loved ones have died but are not able to go to funerals or memorials in a usual way because of the pandemic? Watch our (Virtual) Kōkua Mau Monthly Meeting from August 27, 2020.

In Hawai‘i, about 1,000 people die a month so nearly 6,000 people have died since gathering restrictions began impacting 10s of 1000s of people have not been able to grieve, mourn and comfort each other. 

Learn about what is happening in our community and strategize about solutions. Click on the time code to jump to a specific presentation on our YouTube channel.

  1. 0:03 Context and introductions
    by Jeannette Koijane, Executive Director, Kōkua Mau
  2. 03:15 Military rituals in the time of COVID by Patricia W. Nishimoto, Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Tripler Army Medical Center
  3. 12:01 What resources are available? Support groups and extra support in the time of COVID? by Valerie Payton MA, LCSW, Bereavement Social Worker, Home Hospice, St. Francis Community Health Services
  4. 35:39 What are mortuaries seeing in these times when no one can come together – by Pete Dilwith, Pete Dilwith, CFSP, CPC, CCO, VP of Operations, Mililani Memorial Park & Mortuary.
  5. 54:42 Clarence Liu, Retired chaplain (navian), local boy

8/19 COVID-19 Webinars offered by JABSOM Geriatric Medicine

Hospice Care in the Time of COVID with Ritchell Dignam, MD

  • PPE protocols.
  • Challenges with caregiver COVID status and patient status.
  • Challenges of recognizing COVID sx vs. underlying hospice dx symptoms.
  • Challenges of symptom management – and the use of the Community Paramedicine program as an integral part of the strategy for symptom management., including training in use of comfort packets, etc.
  • Lessons learned about Hospice Care in the Time of COVID from New York.

The series COVID-19 Webinars offered by JABSOM Geriatric Medicine (2:00 – 3:00pm) is organized by Dr. Aida Wen and the Geriatrics Department at JABSOM and CEUs are available. More information (click on ‘Upcoming sessions‘ for details) and registration page

8/10 Trial Drugs for COVID-19: Perspective from the Queen’s COVID Unit

Stephanie Guo, MD will presented at the Grand Rounds of the Department of Geriatric Medicine at JABSOM. Recordings on their website

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the historical and clinical basis for drugs selected for study for COVID-19
  2. Review preliminary data from major ongoing clinical trials
  3. Hear about clinical trials available at Queen’s and the team’s experience

They will be offering CMEs for this presentation upon completion of an evaluation. Evaluations can be found on their website

7/29 Managing Ongoing Surges: Lessons from the Front Line

The twelfth COVID-19 Conversations webinar will discuss what best practices and lessons learned from the early months of COVID-19 can be gathered and applied to states and localities now combating surges, from both a health system and public health perspective. The “COVID-19 Conversations” series of rapid-response webinars from the National Academy of Medicine and the American Public Health Association is addressing the state of the science on COVID-19 and explore emerging evidence on how to best mitigate its impact.

7/22 Coping with Grief and Compassion Fatigue Webinar

Islands Hospice invites you to this free educational Webinar for healthcare workers and caregivers. Recording information pending.

7/15 HCCIntelligence™ Webinar: Intersection of Faith and Community Organizing in Advanced Illness Care During COVID-19

A collaboration between C-TAC and the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI). During this webinar, experts will discuss the role of faith leaders in supporting those in their communities affected by serious illness. Speakers will also explore how faith leaders can engage with parishioners affected by serious illness. Webinar information here.

7/13 Pain Management Near the End of Life – Grand Rounds Webinar

With Kōkua Mau’s own Daniel Fischberg, MD, PhD, FAAHPM will present at the Grand Rounds of the Department of Geriatric Medicine at JABSOM.

Recorded Webinars here and find the zoom details. CMEs offered for this presentation upon completion of an evaluation. Evaluations can be found on their website

7/7 Advanced Care Planning in Times of COVID

Behavioral Health TeleECHO Clinic presents: Advanced Care Planning in Times of COVID. Presenter: Hope Young, Advance Care Planning Coordinator and Jeannette Koijane, Executive Director, Kōkua Mau

ECHO sessions are recorded. We will add the link here once it becomes available.

6/24 Disparities in Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

C-TAC’s upcoming Policy Forum will feature an expert panel session addressing the disparities in care that minority and underserved communities are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial security, reliable transportation and other social determinants of health shape a person’s quality of life. These factors are especially important for those living with serious illness. Register and details

6/17 Supporting Family Caregivers in Faith-Based Communities

Webinar, organized by C-TAC, AARP and the American Muslim Senior Society, featuring experts who will discuss the challenges of caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Panelists will also shed light on community-level efforts from faith organizations to connect family caregivers with helpful tools and guidance. Register and more information.

5/27 Therapeutic Response to Trauma and Loss in the COVID-19 Pandemic

This webinar by the Hospice Foundation of America will identify the issues of trauma and loss that visit us in today’s pandemic, explore how they influence each other, survey the short- and long-term challenges that are created, and delineate effective strategies for coping with the unique issues posed by COVID-19 trauma and loss. The focus will be on one’s work as a professional, as well as on personal self-care. 1.5 Complimentary CEs Available. Register here

5/14 COVID Conversations: CCCC Decision Aids, Ventilators, CPR, Transfers, and Comfort Care Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people consider treatment options in many ways. CCCCs (Coalition for Compassionate Care of California) decision aids for CPR and Ventilator help explain these complex, invasive, yet potentially life-sustaining treatments with evidence-based information using consumer-friendly language. Presented by: Jessica Nutik Zitter, MD, MPH, Author & Practicing Physician, Alameda Health System, and Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC, Medical Director, Hospice by the Sea. Recorded Webinar (available 30 days)

COVID-19 Webinars offered by JABSOM Geriatric Medicine from 2:00 – 2:30pm.

For a full list of all their Recorded Webinars: click on ‘Recorded Training Sessions‘.

Examples of session in May and June 2020
6/10 COVID Testing and Surveillance Updates
6/3 COVID Tracking Logs and Checklists
5/27 COVID Challenges and Opportunities in Assisted Living
5/20 NHSN COVID-19 Reporting Updates
5/18, 2020 – Helping Dementia Residents through COVID Challenges.

5/4 Dr. Takeshi Uemura and his colleague Dr. Eric Chyn will be talking about COVID symptom management. Dr. Chyn is currently in Yakima Washington, overseeing the care of 150 COVID-19 patients in 9 facilities. We heard him speak on 4/29, and he has front line experience of caring for patients, supporting families, etc.

4/29 Disenfranchised Grief and COVID-19

By the Hospice Foundation of America. Disenfranchised grief refers to losses that are not publicly acknowledged, socially supported, and openly mourned. In the COVID-19 pandemic such losses are myriad – complicating grief. 1.5 complimentary CE credit hours available for one year following the live program. More details.

4/29 Essential Conversations: Planning for Care and Serious Illness During the COVID Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing many of us to think about the kind of care we would want if we became seriously ill. Do you have questions or want to talk to loved ones about care preferences?

The call, geared to patients and the general public, will feature panelists Judy Thomas, JD, CEO of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California and Steve Pantilat, MD, Distinguished Professor of Palliative Care, UC San Francisco Department of Medicine for a discussion about how to plan for care during COVID-19.  

4/27 COVID-19 Discussion on Effective Virtual Visits

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), in collaboration with the National Coalition for Hospice and Palliative Care (NCHPC) is hosting the webinar. CE/CME credit will be available for nurses and physicians. Register.

4/22 COVID Conversations: Team Approach to Assisting Patients with Advance Care Planning. Recorded webinar

Presented by: Seiko Izumi, PhD, RN, FPCN, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Oregon Health & Sciences University. . Learn various situations where advance care planning conversations are critical in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Izumi will also discuss how the healthcare team works together to assist patients and their families with advance care planning and goal-concordant care.

4/15 COVID Conversations: Difficult Conversations in the Time of COVID-19

Recorded Webinar. Presented by: Robert Arnold, MD, Professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine. Learn how to talk to patients about advance care planning in the era of COVID-19, including addressing goals of care and attending to the emotions associated with the pandemic. In addition to his work at the University of Pittsburg, Dr. Arnold is one of the founders of VitalTalk, which teaches clinicians how to be better, more compassionate communicators with seriously ill patients and their families.

4/15 HCCIntelligence™ COVID-19 Update. recorded webinar. Presented by HCCI in collaboration with the American Academy of Home Care Medicine.

4/8 COVID Conversations: Medical Decision Making in the Face of Serious Illness. Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) CEO, Judy Thomas, partnering with Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC, Medical Director, Hospice by the Sea, Solana Beach. Recording pending.

4/3 Making Funerals Meaningful in the Age of COVID-19 by the Hospice Foundation of America. Recorded webinar

3/31 Briefing: Serious Illness, Palliative Care, and the Impact of COVID-19 by the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC). Recorded webinar. CAPC provided an update to their previous briefing on what they are seeing, hearing, and learning about the impact of COVID-19 on patients with serious illness (in New York). They also describe the tools, skills, and training health systems should deploy immediately to ensure appropriate symptom management and patient communication in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3/26 How to Develop and Manage Virtual Grief Support Groups by the Hospice Foundation of America (HFA). Recorded webinar
Grief support groups around the country have had to cancel their in person support groups due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These sudden and unpredictable changes in our daily lives have caused havoc everywhere. As we know, when someone is grieving, they are especially isolated.

3/26 The Impact of COVID-19 on Home-Based Primary Care Providers, Practices, and Patients – one-hour webinar by the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI). Recorded webinar.

3/25 NHPCO COVID-19 Executive Dialogue by NHPCO.
Registration details. The recorded program might be available according to NHPCO.

3/25 Hospice and End-of-Life Care in Nursing Homes During COVID-19 by the Hospice Foundation of America (HFA). Recorded webinar

3/21/ Telechaplaincy Recorded webinar
The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab is joined by a team of chaplains and researchers to discuss practical tips for implementing telechaplaincy, as well as what growing research says about this significant method of spiritual care.

3/18 Palliative Care and the Impact of COVID-19. Recorded webinar from CAPC with Dr. Diane Meier and Dr. Sean Morrison.

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