Zoom made easy

Zoom basics, or question you never dared to ask

Most of the time zoom works like a charm, flawlessly. If this is the case for you: stop reading here.

There are a million things that can go wrong. If you are among the unlucky ones, here are some videos that help. Zoom is fun and you just need to try it out and play with the settings before you join a meeting. ‘Zooming’ will become a word like ‘googling’ that English majors will debate for years to come, but we hope these videos give you a head start.

Quick update May 20, 2020

Lately zoom has seen a Major overhaul under the hood. They just announced Zoom 5.0, the latest version. Please make sure you are using the latest zoom app. Here is a quick video to show you how do that on your computer. (Please make sure you click on your name.)

Why? A lot of complications to hear, speak, or use your camera might be related to an outdated Zoom version in your computer or mobile device. This is especially important if you are using the ZOOM cloud meetings app on your mobile device. Please watch the videos joining with a mobile device below and check your (Apple) App Store or google play App for updates. (On May 20, 2020 the latest version is Version: 5.0.3).

Join a Zoom Meeting

To join a zoom meeting, please watch both videos first. Most of the problems we had were people not being able to hear or other issues that are related to the set up in their device they are using.

Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time; Fun and Easy Online Connection (8 minutes):

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video (2 minutes) (this looks different in an iPad, there it is on top of the screen):

Joining with a mobile device

If you want to join a zoom meeting on a mobile device, you must download the app: ‘Zoom cloud meetings’ from the app store (iPad/iPhone) or your google play store. This is not optional, but a zoom prerequisite to use zoom on mobile devicesPlease watch the video and install the app first, so you can join any meeting with zoom.

How to install Zoom and join meeting on mobile (iOS) device!

How to install Zoom on Android:

A detailed video that explains very well how to fix problems with your camera. Most of his PC explanations apply to Macs as well.

Great Video for zoom hosts or meeting organizers

This is the best (zoom made) 10-minute video in my book that spells it out very well.  It assumes you are familiar with zoom already. If not consult the list below. Every host and Co-host should watch this as a zoom 101 pre-requisite (I wish it could be mandatory). I have re-watched it at least 6 times in the last 3 weeks.

Meeting Controls (zoom):

Note: it is recommended that all co-host have a free basic zoom account, since some features are only available if you have and account.

Virtual Backgrounds in zoom

Virtual backgrounds are all the rage at the Moment. But they only work well if you have at least an i7 processor or faster computer, or they may make you look rather silly. This video is made by zoom, keep that in mind please. Check the technical requirements on the zoom page. While it might be fun, make sure this is the image you want to present to others (especially if you use and older computer)

NOTE: Basic Zoom accounts are free. A free account is more than enough for most people, especially if you only participate. If you decide not to get a free zoom account keep in mind: There are option how to view the participants during a meeting (speaker and gallery view) that are not available for you if you don’t have a zoom account (even if others in the meeting may try to help you view that, since they have a free account).