Legislative agenda for the 2024 session

Or: Five words make a big difference

We are almost there!

SB2529 has been passed by the Legislature and is now on the way to the Governor for his signature. We have one last opportunity to weigh in and participate in the legislative process.

Follow this link to provide a comment on legislation on the Governor’s page. You will see that there is space for a brief message for our support for SB2529. Since there has been no opposition, we don’t think that a huge push is needed nor uploading of documents. But please weigh in.

Mahalo for submitting testimony! 

Thank you to everybody who submitted testimony for the past hearings:

  • SB2529 SD1, was heard by the the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Commerce (CPC) and House Committee on Judiciary and Hawaiian Affairs on Thursday March 21 at 2:02 pm. It passed as is.
  • SB2529 SD1 was heard and passed as is by the the House Committee on Health & Homelessness (HLT) on Friday March 15.
  • SB2529 SD1 was heard and passed “as is” by the Committee on Judiciary (JDC) on Friday Feb 16.
  • SB2529 was heard by the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services Jan 31. It passed!


We have heard from our Hawaiʻi hospices that an administrative adjustment is needed in our current POLST law. We have created a bill for the 2024 Legislative session to address the issue. 

This will help to improve access to POLST, especially for some of the most vulnerable patients in hospice care. It will bring us in line with other states and will not decrease the integrity or importance of POLST. Nor will it affect the current wording of our Hawaiʻi POLST Form.

A team from Kōkua Mau has been working on this with Senator Moriwakiʻs office since December 2023. Please visit our webpage for step-by-step details and how you can submit testimony to support this administrative change to make an updated POLST available for all in hospice care.

  • Sen. Sharon Moriwaki has introduced a bill in the Senate SB2529. Track the bill here (You can submit testimony using the yellow button on that page). PDF of SB2529. PDF of SB2529 SD1