Palliative Care Summit recording

Our very successful Palliative Care Summit on April 25, 2020 brought key stakeholders together for an overview of the current state of palliative care in Hawai‘i, with focus on:

  • What is working?
  •  What are barriers?
  • What are the opportunities for expanding access?

Our 121 participants represented a diverse array of stakeholders including health plans, health systems, hospices, higher education, state and county government, and non-profits (including AARP and American Cancer Society). Participants from all counties included doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, community advocates and administrators.

See our webpage for details and PDF files of the PowerPoint presentations.

You can watch a recording of the entire summit on our YouTube channel. If you visit the Summit agenda on our webpage (or click on ‘show more’ on YouTube) you can jump directly to the individual presenters.