Hawaii MedQuest Palliative Care Summit

June 26, 2021 
9:00am-12:00 noon

Join us and provide your feedback on a future, first-of-its kind, palliative care benefit for MedQUEST members at our historic Virtual Palliative Care Summit.

A MedQUEST palliative care benefit could significantly improve how we in Hawai’i care for some of our most complex and seriously ill family, friends, and neighbors. 

MedQUEST is soliciting community input about their analysis and benefit design concepts.  Your opinions and feedback can influence how this benefit is designed and implemented and we hope you will participate. 

Palliative care, when done well, is of high value to people with serious illness, their loved ones, and the professionals who treat them.  Importantly, in addition to the improvement in quality of care, health outcomes, and overall satisfaction with care, palliative care is cost effective, rendering it a comprehensive win for any community.  

We hope to see you at the summit.

Contact huipohala(at)huipohala.org for more information.

This Summit is presented by MedQuest and Hui Pohala, a growing coalition, collaborating to improve access to high quality palliative care in Hawai‘i.