Why Instagram for Kokua Mau

In September 2021 we just launched our first Instagram Campaign: “Palliative Care – Care The Way It Should Be.”

Instagram? Really?

If you ever wondered what Instagram, or IG for short, is all about, this is your day. If you already are on Instagram you know what to do: follow us @kokua.mau, ❤️ us and comment on our posts.

If you now wonder: “What … are they talking about?” please read on.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is part of our social media universe, like TickTock, Twitter or Facebook. Like any good universe it has its superheroes and it’s villains, it’s influencers, fans and refuseniks. A short attention span 10 second web search will yield: With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide. Reaching a mostly younger demographic of this billion with messages about palliative care is a bold, but worthwhile, undertaking.

The (by now) ubiquitous square photo is a trademark that made IG different when it launched. One posts pictures or videos on IG in the hope they get seen and ❤️ by the world out there. In addition one can post a text, of almost any length, with a picture. Quite a temptation for budding novelists or journalists, or influencers. Other IGers can follow you and comment on your posts.

But, wait, there is more: The hashtag (that: # – quite a scary word for many). A ‘hashtag’, or the old fashioned ‘key word’, is like a road map that lets you find your landing strip in an ocean of images. In our case #palliativecare is a logical hashtag. So would be:

#hawaiipalliativecare or

If hashtags are great or a necessary evil will feed and fill blogs for years to come.

Instagram is designed to be used on mobile devices. It requires you to sign up for an account to become a member of this exclusive club, if you want to post your own ’stuff’, or comment, or ❤️, or follow. BUT: you can view IG posts on your computer so you do NOT need an account to see the pictures posted in our campaign. Just click the link and check us out: https://www.instagram.com/kokua.mau/  Please check it often. This is a campaign so there will be posts added almost daily.

Full disclosure: IG is owned by Facebook now. You need an IG account to see the text and the comments with the pictures and you will be bugged to link to may of the tentacles of FaceBook all the time. You need to download the Instagram app into your mobile device. C’est la social media vie.

Last but not least: If Instagram is not your cup of tea, please do encourage the people in your life that do to check out our public awareness campaign “Palliative Care – Care The Way It Should Be” @kokua.mau on Instagram.

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