Maui Fire

As the tragedy on Maui unfolds we are all looking for ways to support and help our friends and colleagues on the ground. At this time, financial donations seem to be the best way to give.  Our friends and colleagues at Hospice Maui have created a fund for disaster assistance to provide crucial support and relief efforts in the aftermath of the devastating wildfires. 

The funds raised play and will play a vital role in providing essential medical supplies, bolstering clinical teams, and offering trauma counseling services. Moreover, the donations will also assist in providing much-needed support to those who have been displaced as a result of this tragic event. For further information on how to donate (and photos of the team) please visit:

Updates from Hospice Maui: Melanie Dwyer, CEO, shared about their experiences in the Maui fire and its aftermath, including their plans for the future in our September 28th Kōkua Mau Meeting. Video on our YouTube channel.

Note: Kōkua is the Hawaiian word for help, aid or assistance. Please make sure you use the fold out menu ʻApply my gift toʻ and chose the ʻHospice Maui Kōkua Fundʻ.

Based on our member feedback we also recommended the following organizations to receive donations to help with wildfire recovery:

First posted August 14, 2023. Updated April 19, 2024.