Improving Care and Support for those with Serious Illness

Kōkua Mau has been awarded a two-year grant for "Improving Care and Support for those with Serious Illness" from the Stupski Family Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation.

We are very grateful to the Stupski Family Fund for their vote of confidence for the work of Kōkua Mau which all of you have made possible over the last 17 years.
With this grant we will be able to expand our reach and impact across the state and we’ll need your continued support and engagement to make that happen.
We have heard from you, our members, and other parts of the community that the time is right for a dramatic increase in Advance Care Planning conversations long before people develop serious illness or are in a crisis.

We will be using the grant to increase our leadership on this topic, and hired an Advance Care Planning Coordinator who began on March 1.  

Additionally we are in the process of conducting research to learn more about attitudes towards Advance Care Planning and using those results to lauch communication campaigns in Year 2 to further increase community dialogues.
Finally we will be coordinating a data project to get a clearer picture on what is happening with advance care planning, advance directives and POLSTacross the state and share best practices and lessons learned.