2023 ACT Index Report and what this data means for Hawaiʻi?

  • How is Hawaii doing in Serious Illness Care? 
  • How do we compare with other states?

Watch a video a presentation on the ACT Index by Torrie Fields. She presented the latest data for Hawaiʻi, allowing us to track our progress and compare with other states. 

The ACT index is composed of 26 measures in 4 domains:

  • Care
  • Costs
  • Community & Caregivers
  • Communications

C-TAC developed the ACT Index as a tool to evaluate the quality of serious illness care using evidence-based measures. It allows healthcare leaders, policymakers, regulators, communities, and consumers to track progress towards improving care at the national and state-level and track its progress over time against leaders in different domains and determine the changes needed for care improvement.

To learn more visit: https://thectac.org/our-work/measurement