CCO-DNR Bracelet

The COMFORT CARE ONLY – DO NOT RESUCITATE (CCO-DNR) I.D. bracelet or necklace has been available in Hawaii since 1995. If you are interested in getting the CCO-DNR bracelet you need to talk about this with your physician.

After your physician talked with you and requests your bracelet, it can take up to two weeks for it to arrive in the mail. For more information please click on the link for the Hawaii Department of Health.

You or your physician can request the CCO-DNR form by calling the EMS & IP System Branch at (808) 733-9210. Each form has a unique number therefore each person needs to get her or his own CCO-DNR form from the EMS Branch.

You may also write to following address:

CCO-DNR Information
EMS & IP System Branch
Department of Health, State of Hawaii
3627 Kilauea Ave., Room 102
Honolulu HI 96816

We recommend you talk with your doctor about Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) and recommend you download the POLST form as well. Since POLST became available in Hawaii in 2009 (updated 2014) it can cover more aspects of your wishes than the CCO-DNR bracelet alone.