Webinar: A Proactive Approach to Caregiving

Topic: For When You Least Expect It | A Proactive Approach to Caregiving.

Description: Most people are inadequately prepared to face the complex issues associated with caring for an aging loved one. The process of caregiving often requires ongoing assessment, flexibility, and knowledge of our nation’s system of long term care delivery. Caregivers may suddenly find themselves trying to sort out the different options for care, without a clear understanding of quality and cost. Planning proactively can assist families to prepare more effectively for the care of an aging family member, mitigate an unexpected crisis, and ultimately result in better choices and outcomes.

Jody Gastfriend, LICSW and Care.com’s senior care expert addresses the following questions:

How can adult children effectively and proactively manage caregiving responsibilities?
What are the challenges faced by caregivers and the resources available to provide adequate supports and plan ahead?
How can adult children mitigate the stress of caregiving and enlist family and community supports?

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