The M Technique For End-Of-Life

Please register for this unique workshop by Monday October 26.

This structured system of touch is suitable when massage is inappropriate because the receiver is very fragile, critically ill or the giver is not trained in massage. The ‘M’ works on the skin receptor sites that send signals to the brain. This method of touch has been used in America since 1994, and is taught in universities, hospital, hospices, nursing colleges and massage schools. 

The ‘M’ Technique® is different from massage. There are three fundamental differences:

  • Structure – the ‘M’ Technique® follows a set protocol. Each movement and sequence is done in a distinctive pattern that is never modified. 
  • Repetition of strokes – Each stroke is repeated three times. The rationale for this set form of repetition is simple – to build up confidence and remove anxiety in the receiver.  The first time a stroke is done, the receiver will pay attention. The second time the stroke is done, the receiver will recognize that stroke. The third time the stroke is done the receiver knows what is going to happen and begins to relax.
  • Pressure and speed -the ‘M’ Technique® uses a set pressure.  On a scale of 0-10 (when 0 is no pressure, and 10 is crushing pressure) the ‘M’ Technique® pressure remains a 3.  Conventional massage alters the pressure depending on the situation. The speed of the ‘m’ is slow, constant and rhythmical.

In 1996 the ‘M’ Technique® was used in research at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York. The ‘M’ was applied to the feet of medical students and a measurable effect on their parasympathetic nervous systems was recorded using an 8 lead EKG machine attached to a heart variation monitor.

Sick people need touching. Touch can put the care back into our health care. 

Those who complete the half-day and the exam will receive a certificate for contact hours.

Fee: $50 for the M Technique workshop.

The course will be taught by Kathleen Duffy, an experienced instructor from Massachusetts.  To learn more, visit her website

Two dates:

You can attend the workshop on Friday October 30 or Saturday October 31, 2015

1PM to 5:30 PM (both days)
Sullivan Center – 4th Floor 

Iolani School
563 Kamoku St
Honolulu, HI 96826  

For more information contact Bob Kane by email or call 585-305-1608