Webinar Hospice and Nursing Home Relationships

Kokua Mau announces a webinar: Hospice & Nursing Home Relationships: As Scrutiny Increases, Providers Need to Be Compliant.

Thursday, November 14, 2013
10:00 am – 11:30 am HST

Over the last two years, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has renewed its concerns about hospice relationships with nursing homes. OIG has mentioned many of its longstanding concerns arising from hospice providers’ willingness to provide items, services, or other value in order to gain access to facility patients. Of course, it is not just OIG. There are an increasing number of hospice providers defending themselves against False Claims Act lawsuits brought by whistleblowers.

The issues raised by OIG or cited in whistleblower lawsuits are not new concerns. Allegations include hospices admitting questionable nursing home residents; decrease in services provided to patients in facilities; inappropriate exchange of value with facilities in order to induce referrals; and other concerns. This webinar will focus on strategies to avoid these issues and auditing patient census information to identify problematic trends. It will also address strategies to decrease facilities’ problematic requests while trying to maintain the relationship.


  • What OIG’s recent guidance tells us about the areas it is investigating
  • Home competitive pressures are leading to questionable requests from facilities
  • Penalties for engaging in the prohibited conduct
  • How to respond to inappropriate requests without damaging your relationship
  • Marketing risks raised by OIG that can lead to inappropriate relationships
  • Steps to prevent crossing the line and to identify errors quickly


  • Letter for responding to inappropriate conduct by facilities


This informative session is designed for administrators, owners, marketers, and marketing managers.