Oncology on Canvas Art Exhibit Honolulu Hale 2013

Reception on Tuesday, May 7 2013 in the  evening (5-7 pm) at Honolulu Hale. There will be refreshments and a very short (15 min) presentation at 6 pm. 

The paintings will be displayed at Honolulu Hale 6-23 May where many people will get to see the spirit of our patients and their families.  

Come see the amazing art work done by patients, their families and the staff about their ‘cancer journeys.’ One person who viewed the art exhibit in 2012 said, "The paintings are great – some truly talented and the others the voices of their souls."

Oncology on Canvas has been the ‘key’ to helping these families come out of the cancer journey stronger.  We also started this at Tripler because we have many people who speak English as a second language.  Art is communication that happens no matter what verbal language is spoken.  

The nurses of Oncology Nursing Society for the 7th year in a row provided an opportunity for survivors, family members and staff to reflect on their cancer journeys at Oncology on Canvas (OOC). That is exemplified in this story of a painting: "The phoenix is a mythical bird that is consumed in flames at the end of its life.  But from the ashes, it is reborn again.  Like life, we all encounter hardships that sometimes consume us completely.  But we must keep in mind that we have the power to rise again, like the phoenix."