IMPRESS (Improving Professional Education, Sustaining Support) and Care Project.

The IMPRESS project worked with 5 long-term care facilities on Oahu to improve palliative and end-of-life care educating staff though 6 hour-long workshops and working with administration to implement policy and program changes.

Positive changes were seen in the facilities especially with the implementation of POLST and in pain management. Full results are still being compiled and will be available in early 2011 when it gets published

Kokua Mau is looking forward to expanding this project in the coming years.

To goal of IMPRESS:
To increase the professional capacity of Hawaii long term care providers to care for individuals and families living with chronic serious illness or at the end-of-life through quality palliative care educational programs and the implementation of best practice standards.  

This strategy has 2 training components: 

A. A series of six educational sessions to be delivered to the facility staff. These will be short 30-minute sessions covering topics listed below.  

B. The simultaneous engagement of facility leadership teams to more effectively facilitate culture change.  We plan to have four Collaborative Sessions (CS) that will create a venue for professional networking, sharing, and sense of community.  During these quarterly sessions we will provide tools, resources, support, coaching, help with data analysis and feedback, and help facilitate the sharing of best practices among facilities. 

This program implemented in 2010 was made possible with generous support by the Hawai‘i Chamber of Commerce Public Health Fund.