Chinese Traditional Resources for Hawaii

Chinese Traditional Multilingual Kokua Mau Resources

All documents (PDF files) are in Chinese Traditional only and are intended for educational purposes to facilitate the discussion of the topics with Hawaii residents with limited English proficiency. The Hawaii Advance Directive is the only exception, with a bilingual layout block by block.

Please visit the English background page for more information as well as an English PDF of the translated document.

Advance Directive

Chinese Traditional Hawaii Advance Health Care Directive • English page

Chinese Traditional Hawaii Advance Directive Information Sheet • English page

POLST for Hawaii

Chinese TraditionaPOLST Form for Hawaii • English page

Chinese Traditional Consumer Guide to POLST • English page

In Depth Resources

Chinese Traditional Questions about CPR • English page

Chinese Traditional Tube Feeding Information • English page

For more Chinese language information and materials please visit:

The Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care

We want to extend a big thank you to the Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care  美華慈心關懷聯盟 for their wonderful collaboration translating the Kōkua Mau documents.

As more Chinese language materials become available we may list selected resources from other organizations here. For many Chinese in-depth resources please visit Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care  美華慈心關懷聯盟

Multilingual Resources including Advance Directives or POLST are available on the Kōkua Mau website:

Multilingual Key Advance Care Planning Materials in 10 languages (PDF file with list)

We thank the collaborative effort of our sponsors that made this translation project possible.


Executive Office on Aging (EOA)

Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC

Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) 

Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii 

Ohana Health Plan 

University Health Alliance (UHA

United Healthcare