Event Tool Kit

Looking for pdf files of Kōkua Mau documents?

We pulled all Kōkua Mau materials together in one place and called it the ‘Event Tool Kit’.

Have a look at the easy to photocopy pdf files to assist you in publicizing information about Kōkua Mau, advance care planning, hospice and palliative care.

  • All blue Kōkua Mau logos print fine in black and white.
  • All links download the pdf file.

About Kōkua Mau

Who is Kokua Mau – A one-page background sheet.

Advance Directive for Hawai‘i

Aug 2014 Revised Booklet: Your Advance Directive for Future Healthcare (an additional 2-page check list to help with completing an ‘Advance Directive’)

Hawaii Advance Health Care Directive (free) developed by Kōkua Mau and the Executive Office on Aging in Hawai’i. 3 pages (updated Dec. 2015)

A writable PDF file of the Hawaii Advance Health Care Directive Form in now available. Please note that some fields need to be initialed or signed and can not be filled out in the computer.

POLST for Hawai‘i

Hawaii POLST Form (Updated 2014. Please make sure it is on lime green paper, two-sided).

A Provider’s Guide to POLST 2 pages (pdf 600K)

FAQ – A Consumer Guide to POLST 2 pages (pdf 1.2MB)

Indepth Kōkua Mau Materials

Consumer Internet Resources (active links in the PDF file, Nov. 2015)

Providers Internet Resources (active links in the PDF file, Nov. 2015)

Tubefeeding (2 pages)

Questions about CPR (2 pages)

A Guide to Advance Care Planning: Making Life Decisions (16 page booklet. Updated July 2015)

More Kōkua Mau Materials

Let’s talk Story Flyer 1   more about our Let’s Talk Story program

Let’s Talk Story Flyer 2

Membership Form for Individuals 3 pages (pdf 190K)

Membership Form for Organizations 3 pages (pdf 190K)

Order Form for Kōkua Mau Materials (Five Wishes®, Mits Aoki DVD, trigger DVD)

Kōkua Mau POLST table top information sheet

Kōkau Mau general website info sheet

Sign-up sheet and newsletter order form. This sign up sheet is reduced to the bare minimum of name, email and phone number (in case we cannot read the email). 1-page (pdf 90K).

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